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Dana White Wife Video (Today Update) – the Fight Started?

This Dana White Wife Video post will provide details about the New Year’s Eve encounter between Anne and Dana.

How was your new-year’s eve? Was it a great experience? Celebrities also enjoy the new year with great joy, just as you. However, there are some serious incidents. The Dana White Wife Video has been shaking people in the United Statesand Canada. The video was also shared in other countries. People are talking about White Couple that has been married for over 30 years. Keep following us.

Dana and his Wife: ViralVideo

If you are on social media, then you will have seen the viral Dana and Anne video. The couple can be seen fighting in the video. According to online sources the couple went to a club to celebrate New Year’s Eve. However, the couple was involved in a dispute.

Viral Twitter: How the Fight Started

Online sources say it was not an intentional fight. The couple had a misunderstanding. Anne White, UFC President’s wife, leant forward to her husband to speak and she reacted as if she was going to spank him. Dana also reacted the same way to her wife. They were then pulled apart by others nearby. A person who captured the entire scenario uploaded it on platforms such as Reddit.

Dana White reacts to this

According to TMZ reports Dana shared his thoughts on the incident. He shared his thoughts about what happened that night. He admitted that he felt guilty because he respected the relationship. He said that he was embarrassed, and that his main concern is for their children. The couple shared the fight with their children. Dana stated that Anne was drunk and that he was also drunk. In thirty years of their bond, the couple had no disagreements.

Anne also shared her opinions on Tiktok viral. She claimed that everything spiraled out of control. They had a conversation about the situation with their family and children. She also admitted that they had both apologised for their actions. She asked that everyone give her and her children some privacy.

Does the video exist?

Yes, this video can be viewed online. This video was shared by various sources such as Telegram.


Here is the Dana vs Anne fight video.

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