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Are you looking for reliable summer fashion clothing? Do you want to find a reliable and affordable fashion store that sells trendy summer clothes? You should read our Review.

Fashion is an essential part of modern women’s lives. Fashion is a favorite of women, especially when it’s cheap and on sale. also offers exclusive sales so let’s get started with our reviews to make sure our readers aren’t misled about its authenticity when they shop at this store.

What is, an online fashion shop for women’s clothing, is a great option. Global fashion store claims to offer the most fashionable clothes for women, especially those who live in the United States. Shoplazza powers the website selling platform. was created on 2022 February 19, 2019, which is only 57 days ago.

Specifications for

Let’s now look at some pros and cons from reviews

Is a Scam?’s legitimacy is questionable for several good reasons. This website is only 57 days old, which is almost new for online marketing. The trust rate for reviews was only 2%, which is alarming. The official address of the office was not correct and could not be found on Google Maps. This only strengthens the suspicions. Moreover, after analysing thoroughly we found out two more emails mentioned on the website, and which makes it a trap for online buyers as to which one is authentic. is based in China. These signs are all warning signs that this website is a scam and is ripping people off their hard-earned cash. This website is a scam and we advise you to stay clear of it.

Customer Reviews at

Only negative customer feedback was found regarding This indicates that buyers are unhappy with their purchase. Buyers are unhappy about not receiving the items they ordered, but they never arrive. The official website has icons, but reviews are absent on social media.

Final Verdict ( Reviews)

These reviews conclude that the website is fraudulent and most online buyers don’t know about it. We advised our readers not to purchase anything from this website. Instead, do your research.

We recommend that you purchase from an online marketplace such as AMAZON. Please share your experience with others if you have already purchased it.

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