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Daejhanae Jackson Arrest Warrant (Nov2022) Is Daejhanae Jack Arrested ?

Who is responsible for Shaquille Robinson’s death? Is the suspect being held? Many people are anxiously waiting for the police’s arrest of the suspect in Shaquille’s murder. This is the trending Worldwide news as everyone wants to know more about Shaquille. Daejhanae Jack Arrest Warrant was issued and people want to learn more about Daejhanae and the reasons she beat Shaquille. Keep watching for more information.

Arrest Warrant issued in Shaquille’s Murder Case

According to the latest reports, Daejhanae was arrested by police officers on November 23, 2022. She had been found guilty of the murder of Shaquille. Her friends claimed that she died from alcohol poisoning, but her autopsy report showed that there was no evidence of this. She had suffered severe injuries to her spine.

Is Daejhanae Jack Arrested ?

Everyone waited anxiously for justice to be done to Shaquille after the October incident. A warrant was issued for Daejhanae Jackson to be tried in court on November 23rd 2022. This warrant may prove her guilty of brutally beating Shaquille and causing her severe spinal cord injuries. According to Shaquille’s death certificates, she sustained atlas luxation as well as injuries to her spinal cord. It happened after Shaquille beat Daejhanae. It is not known if she is currently in police custody.

Wiki Daejhanae Jackson

This section will provide valuable information about Daejhanae, the suspect in Shaquille’s murder. Please take the time to read it.

Real Name Deajha Nacolee Jackson
Date of birth 1996-1997
Place of birth Charlotte
Criminal Status Beaten Shaquille to Death Robinson
Penalty A warrant for arrest is issued
Information for parents Unknown
Age 25-26 years (approximately).
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education Private School
Qualification Graduate
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Not available
Other names Dejanae Imani Jackson

According to our research, Jackson’s Biography is not very detailed. We will notify our readers if any online site publishes details about Jackson’s life.

Viral Video of Jackson and Robinson

A tragic incident occurred in October’s last week, resulting in the death a woman. A group of friends traveled to Mexico to celebrate a Mexican birthday. A viral video was posted on Instagram and other sites that show two women fighting. Daejhanae Jackson, a woman, was brutally beating Shaquille Robinson. Shaquille was drunk, and Jackson was beating Shaquille. Their friends were enjoying their fight and didn’t try to stop them.

What did Shaquille’s Parents have to say?

Her mother Salamondra and her father Bernard are both in deep grief after the loss of their beautiful daughter. Her mother said that she had spoken to her daughter and wished her a good night. She said that Shaquille would speak to her the next day. Nobody knew this would never happen.

Net Worth Daejhanae Jack

According to online sources, Daejhanae’s work history has not been disclosed. Her net worth is therefore unknown. Once everything is cleared, we will inform our readers.

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