Creelcate Review (Today update) –  What are they selling?

  • Online shopping and e-commerce are growing in popularity. Online stores are popping up everywhere, making it more difficult to identify legit ones and those that might be fraudsters.

    It is important to know the details of these stores in order to determine if they are trustworthy enough for you to buy from.

    We’ll be looking at another online store Capatee today and presenting all the facts to help you decide if you want to purchase from them.

    What is Capatee? What are they selling?

    Capatee is an online shop that primarily caters to women. The store sells a variety of products for different seasons, including tops, dresses, casual wear and tops. The brand claims it offers high-quality products at extremely affordable prices to customers around the world.

    Capatee also claims to be focused on the well-being of their workers by paying them living wages. The brand says they only partner with designers and brands that offer fair pay and treatment to their employees. This brand claims that it donates a portion of its annual revenues to charity organizations around the globe to eliminate poverty.

    Capatee appears to be a legitimate and ethically-aligned business. But are these claims true?

    Capatee is it a legitimate online shop or a scam?

    Checking the age on a domain is one way to determine if a business is legitimate. The more established and well-respected a domain is, the older it is. We were able to determine that Capatee’s domain was created one year and fourteen days ago using the domain age checker tool. Although this is not a very long time for a website, it is still quite old. This is a longer domain age than most scams so we can give this brand-dress the benefit of the doubt.

    Establish businesses try to have at least some social media presence. Capatee has both an Instagram and Facebook page. This speaks well of Capatee’s legitimacy.

    Capatee also has a high Trust Score on at 90/100. This indicates that this brand is unlikely to be a scam.

    Capatee also has excellent reviews at It is rated 4.1 stars. This brand has received positive feedback from customers about their shopping experience.

    A sign that Capatee has built trust is the fact they have posted extensive contact information to their website. This includes a phone number and an email address as well as a physical location.

    Finally, Capatee is valid HTTPS. It has not been blacklisted yet by any search engines. Capatee appears to be a legitimate company and is not a fraud.

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    What say Capatee customers? found many positive reviews about Capatee. These reviews show that Capatee’s products meet their expectations in terms of fabric quality and design.

    However, there were some complaints about Capatee’s slow delivery of orders. Customers also complain that refunds aren’t processed quickly enough.

    What is the price of Capatee’s gowns?

    Capatee dresses range in price from $30-50. Although the prices are higher than other retailers, Capatee offers regular discounts so you can get a great deal.

    Capatee allows returns and refunds

    Capatee will accept returns within 30 days after delivery. To have your return accepted, please contact Capatees customer support to obtain a contact authorization. To be eligible for returns, proof of purchase must be provided. You must also keep the original packaging intact. The product should not have been damaged in any way.

    Shipping and Cancellation

    Capatee claims that orders above $79. qualify for free shipping. You have two options for shipping. Express shipping takes 15 business days for delivery, while postal shipping can take up to 20 business days.

    You can cancel your order within 24hrs of delivery according to their cancellation policy. You will be charged a 10% cancellation fee if you cancel between the delivery time and shipping time. Ouch. You can’t cancel your order after it has been shipped.

    • Valid HTTPS
    • High trust score on
    • Customer Reviews Positive
    • The prices for dresses are quite high
    • Delivery can take some time
    • It takes time for refunds to be processed

    Capatee: Should you Buy?

    Capatee has all the hallmarks of a legitimate company. Positive customer reviews, high trust scores, and a great website design are all signs that Capatee is a legitimate business. We recommend this brand to anyone who is interested in purchasing.

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