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Columbus Ohio Drag Queens (Dec2022) What has Ohio done?

Are you familiar with the name of the Drag Queen of Columbus? What has happened in Ohio lately? Please read the entire article if you don’t know what we’re talking about.

After hearing about the Columbus Ohio Drag QueensAmericans are stunned. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Ohio.

What has Ohio done?

Drag Queens of Columbus performed at the Red Oak Community School’s ‘Holi Drag Storytime’ event on Saturday. The Drag Queens performing at the event were Mikalyla Dennise, Bianca Debonair and Ava Aurora Foxx.

However, the school authority was forced to cancel the event after The Proud Boys had planned to protest the event.

Who is the Most famous drag queen from columbus Ohio ?

Nina West, the most well-known American drag queen in Columbus, Ohio. Andrew Robert Levitt is Nina’s real identity. Nina is more than a drag queen. She is also an actor and singer.

Why was Red Oak Community Schools forced to cancel the event.

For many weeks, the Proud Boys have been targeting this event. On Saturday, half a dozen armed paramilitaries dressed in camouflage uniforms came out of the Proud Boys’ to threaten the church where the LGBTQ event was being celebrated. The Proud Boys’ main goal was to cancel the Columbus Ohio Drag Queens.

According to the Associated Press there were between fifty and seventy Patriot Front members who stood along the roads. They all covered their faces in masks and were some of the armed members of the Patriot Front. They were protesting against the ‘Holi Drag Storytime’.

They were all chanting “life liberty, victory” and “reclaim America.” Brendan Gutenschwager captured footage of some protesters giving a Nazi salute.

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