Charlotte Woman Killed In Mexico Video (Nov2022) What’s the story?

Unfortunately, Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old woman, was killed by beatings while on vacation with her friends in Mexico.

Did you see this news? Is this the story of her death? Are you aware of people from all over the United States talking about this event? Don’t be discouraged if you don’t. Keep reading this article on Charlotte Woman Killed In Mexico Video until the end.

What’s the story? How did she die?

Shanquella, aged 24, traveled to Mexico on 28 October 2022 with her friends. She’s having a great time, but she died within 24 hours. They all went to Mexico to celebrate one of their friend’s birthday. Shanquella’s mother said that Shanquella’s friends told a different story, which caused her to doubt their beliefs. She also noted that several of her friends claimed that she had been poisoned by liquor. Others claimed that she was poisoned by a friend. To see if the video has been removed from any of the sources, you can go to the Reddit article.


Salamandra, Shanquella’s mother, stated that she did not believe anyone. She reported her mysterious death to FBI to find out the noble cause. The FBI concluded that there was no alcohol poisoning or food poisoning in the case. The FBI stated that the neck, spine, and ribs were also broken.

Viral on Insta How did we find out what happened?

Disclaimer: The article also touches on physical assault. It is the viewer’s responsibility to make sure that this information is not misused.

Everyone was puzzled about Shanquella’s death, until a video circulating around showed that Shanquella was naked and that a woman beat Shanquella several times. Shanquella is being beaten by the woman, but another woman is filming the entire scene and not helping. To see Viral on Twitter about justice Shanquella, you can read the link below. Between the two voices can be heard a voice telling Shanquella that she must fight back.

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