Instagram Dynamic Profile Photos: What exactly is it and how do you use? Learn more about it here.

What exactly is it and how do you use?

Instagram is a simple and simple method to share pictures with family and friends. It is now possible to create dynamic profile photos. Profile photos display the user’s images as well as digital personas. Users can switch between them. Instagram announced their first Twitter update announcement. “New profile picture. What is this? The company tweeted its tweet as follows: “Now you … Read more

Bumble and Netflix Partnership all things you should know about!

Netflix Partnership

Bumble has introduced an on-demand, Netflix-themed game dubbed “Netflix Nights In”, that asks players questions regarding the most watched Netflix series. To determine who is able to answer all questions correctly, players can challenge their opponents. An earlier Bumble survey revealed the 78% who use Bumble think it’s easier to communicate with matches if they share … Read more

What is SnapTik? important things to be aware of prior to using it!

What is SnapTik

SnapTik isn’t sufficient without TikTok. TikTok lets you upload short videos to social networks. Videos can run for as long as 60 seconds and can include makeup tutorials, dancing and even musical performances. TikTok is among the most well-known websites for social networking. Since each video is finished it automatically begins playing the next. The videos are short but … Read more