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Cast of Karate Kid 2010 (Today Update) – also included in the reader?

The Karate Kid is a drama about martial arts. It was released in 2010. Harald Zwart is the director of this film, which is part of the Karate Kid Series. Produced by Jerry Weintraub and James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz and Will Smith, the movie is Jada pinkett Smith.

The story centers on a 12-year-old boy who moves to China along with his mom and gets into trouble at the local bully. He meets an old conservationist who teaches him Kung Fu to help his tone-defense.

Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Zhenwei Wang are part of The Karate Kid’s cast. Check out The Karate Kid cast to see where they are now and what’s up.

The Karate Kid cast What are they doing now?

Jaden Smith

JadenSmith was the role of Dre in The Karate Kid. Apart from acting, Jaden is also an actor, singer, and tunesmith. Will Smith’s 22-year-old son released Syre, his debut reader in 2017, and Erys, his alternate reader in 2019. In 2017 he worked as a Netflix original, The Get Down.

He released Cabin Fever in July 2020 from his third reader Cool Tape recordingVol. 3. A song called Falling for You with Justin Bieber is also included in the reader.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the eminent character of Mr Han. He plays Dre Parker’s master, a Chinese conservationist man who teaches him Kung Fu. Jackie Chan was a colorful character after The Karate Kid. He was involved in flicks such as Dragon Blade, Skiptrace and Bleeding sword.

There are many systems in the pipeline for 2020 and 2021: Vanguard, ProjectX-Traction and Five Against a pellet. He is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Wenwen Han

The Karate Kid also contains Wenwen Han, who plays Mei Ying (Dre Parker’s love interest) in the movie. The actor, who is 26 years old, is also a violinist as well as a cotillion. The actor was a star in Essay and Rain in 2017. Wenhen Han doesn’t really use social media much and prefers to keep his profile low.

Zhenwei Wang

Zhenwei Zhang plays the role of Cheng in the movie. Zhenwei Zhang is currently a Martial artist and stuntman. After the Karate Kid, played a role in the movie Martial tradesvs. Reality in 2012.

Yu Rongguang is Master Li.

YuRongguang, who plays Master Li Cheng’s Kung Fu teacher in the Karate Kid movie, is also part of the Karate Kid cast. Yu Rongguang is also an artist in martial arts.

His most recent workshops include his appearances in Chinese Television shows such as Joy of Life or Battle Through the Welkin. Recently, he also appeared in films like Magic Circle and Spy Wolf Chameleon.

Original Film’s greatest asset was the Oscar-nominated performance by Pat Morita Asmr. Miyagi.

Jackie Chan is so well-known that it’s not surprising that hisMr. Han, a reclusive Janitor, shares a retired gift for martial arts.

Chan is not a macho fighter or a showman; his charm comes from a light-hearted quality. He does a great job of calming down his gayness and keeping his cards under wraps.

Jaden Smith, the son of Will and Jada pinkett Smith has a natural screen presence in his role as Dre Parker’s young pupil. Dre Parker is more calm than the skittish sprat played Ralph Macchio, but so much lower that his opponents that it’s easy to believe his fear of being bullied at school. When that happens, it’s easy to forget about 1984 and just enjoy this bone.

It Was Also, This is Now.

This story involves a sprat who is separated from his mama and forced to move far down, from Detroit this time to Beijing.

He hates it. He also sees a young, cute violinist named Meiying (Han Wenwen). His life is brighter if not for the school bully Cheng (Wang Zhenwei).

The vicious and spiteful critter is hard to understand until Master Li ( Yu Rongguang) shows up as his brutal kung-fu trainer. This monstrous Li is a master of child abuse and teaches children to beat up on one another.

As it should, the story continues with Dre slowly softening Mr. Han’s heart. The training goes well and Meiying and Dre make a deal to attend each others’ big kung fu events, including her recital.

The usual gibberish about his parents not liking him is repeated. Gee Why would parents of a top-class classical musician approve of a Detroit kung fu student who doesn’t speak Chinese?

Dre and the Movie were fortunate to have Dre, the Little Monster Cheng, who can speak English for everyone in China.

Many Americans are not only uninterested in learning another language but also have little interest reading their own mottoes. Mark Twain stated in The Angels Abroad that English can be understood by anyone outside if it is spoken slowly enough and loud enough.

It is obvious that the entire film leads to an apocalyptic event in kung fu, and that Cheng is slapped with the Dre.

It is notable for its lineage. The 1984 version was directed by John Avildsen (director of Rocky). This film’s climax feels orderly and not rushed. This is one of the best obligatory fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

Harald Zwart is not one of my favorite directors; he was the director of “The Pink catamount 2”. But with a solid script by Christopher Murphey, and cinematography by Roger Pratt (who mugged two Harry Potters), he makes an engaging movie. Although it is a bit long during the crown, you will not be able to watch the rest of the movie.


Parents should know that the Karate Kid remake of the original is faithfully adapted. However, the central character, 12 years old, is the main character. Language and love are met back, even though violence is quite remarkable.

It is not necessary to curse (a lot of uses of the term burro“), or fornication (mild flirting and one chaste Kiss), but there are many fight scenes.

They are merciless on the mat and out. They will do anything to get a crown. When it comes down, it is a fellowship tale between the old and young, East and West, and that is a great communication tool for the younger kids.

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