Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando Reviews (Today Update) – customers at Bodi Beauty bar?

You must look your best in order to make a lasting impression. This is often difficult to do because of our busy schedules. Bodi Beauty Bar is a business based in Orlando that offers grooming services.

Today, we will be discussing whether Bodi Beauty Bar is a good choice to meet your grooming needs.

What is the Bodi Beauty Bar?

Bodi Beauty bar is an Orlando business located at 1420 Lake Baldwin Lane Baldwin Park. The ‘Beauty Bar” is a spa, a salon and a medical spa.

Bodi Beauty Bar claims they are the best place for women to get ready for work. They provide services like pedicures, hair treatment, and skin treatments such a diamond micro-dermabrasion. They offer services such as body wraps and teeth whitening, as well fat-reduction therapies.

Bodi Beauty Bar says that their motivation is to make each customer feel and look their best.

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Is Bodi Beauty Bar a scam or legit?

We were unable to find much information on Bodi Beauty Bar’s official website or social media accounts. We did however find the following.

Bodi Beauty bar has a rating of 1/5 on Yelp and 1/5 on Bizapedia. Recently, the owner of this business was involved in a scandal when she made racist and insensitive remarks to Chinese workers at a restaurant.

She complained about the spoiled shrimp she was served. After being politely assured that the shrimp was good, she began to yell at the staff. These comments were taken seriously by the management, who filmed her as she made them. The video went viral.

Yelp has many reviews, with many people praising the lady’s actions and calling her a bigot. They advised potential clients not to use their services.

Bodi Beauty Bar was already receiving negative customer reviews long before the controversy. Clients claim that appointments were cancelled without giving any reason and that they were not refunded. Their groupon review page has some positive reviews, but it has been removed. However, most of their reviews are negative.

Bodi Beauty Bar is often confused with Body Beauty Bar, another similar business in Orlando. Since the controversy began, this business has received negative reviews. People mistake it for Bodi Beauty Bar.

We were unable to locate any Bodi Beauty Bar reviews on social media. Their social media pages are temporarily disabled.
Bodi beauty bar does provide a real address.

What are the opinions of customers at Bodi Beauty bar?

Bodi Beauty Bar has received mostly negative customer reviews. Bodi Beauty bar has received a lot of negative reviews from customers on every platform, including Yelp and Bizapedia. Bodi Beauty Bar was already receiving low ratings before the controversy began.

Customers have complained that the owner was rude and irritable towards customers. She cancelled appointments at her leisure, with no refunds. Bodi Beauty Bar’s poor customer care does not make a good impression, despite insensitive comments.

Pricing and refunds

Bodi Beauty Bar offers amazing discounts on all its services, as seen at bodi-beauty bar. The cost of teeth whitening will be $95, which is significantly less than the $650 standard. You can also get a 49 percent discount on your body wraps and a 40% discount on fat-reduction treatments. Bodi Beauty bar offers its services at a very affordable price.

Bodi Beauty Bar is not only easy on the pocketbook, but also offers reimbursements within 72-hours of a procedure if results do not go as expected. This is a big plus for us.

  • Low prices
  • Reimbursements are offered
  • Appropriate contact information provided
  • Customer reviews that are negative
  • No active social media accounts
  • There is no official website

Do you want to visit the Bodi Beauty Bar

We recommend that you avoid Bodi Beauty Bar due to its negative reviews. Many people have complained that Bodi Beauty bar has poor customer service and is unreliable. Bodi Beauty Bar’s prices are undoubtedly very affordable and seem to be a great deal. Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando is not recommended for anyone who takes a gamble and decides to pay a visit.

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