Blackchully Toto Video (Nov2022) What’s the news?

Are you familiar with Blackcully? Why is her name so popular in Nigeria Blackchully is one the social media influencers that uploaded the video to social media. The video is confidential and is currently being circulated on social media.

Blackcully would like to know who uploaded her video to the public forum. We must find out who Blackchully Toto trusts.

What’s the news?

Blackchully is well-known for her social media content. Her comedy acting is what makes her famous. Recently, however, some of her followers and users discovered her private video via social media. Many people shared and watched the video after it was posted on social media.

Blackchully meanwhile understood the subject matter and sought out who was responsible. According to the report, Blackchully wasn’t responsible for uploading this video. She had already reported the entire incident to the local police and asked for an investigation to uncover the truth.

Full Viral on Twitter

According to the report, the video was uploaded to Twitter. We received this information and checked the platform for more details. Many people have shared the video and watched it on Twitter.

We need to find the private video link while we search various Twitter accounts online. We also see users discussing the video. The video is also trending on this platform. Another social platform has the video.

Is it available on Reddit

It is also reported that the report was uploaded to other social media. We also checked these social media accounts. We checked this platform and found the video link posted on this page. The video was posted three days ago.

Blackchully’s video can be viewed on the right side of the platform. The video also says that it is a leak. A Blackchully image was also uploaded to the left-hand corner of the page. However, we did not verify the authenticity of the video.

Where can you find video on other social media platforms?

It was found by many on Telegram. We also searched for this account. We need your help to find a link to Blackchully’s video on this channel.

Short Biography from Blackchully

Full Name/Real name – Anizoba ljeoma PRECIOUS


Date of birth – 22 September 1991

Marital Status – Single

No data on the place of birth

Religion: Christian

Profession – Comedian and social media artist

Husband Name- Doesn’t arise.

Partner Name- Bibano Omomummy Bibano Omomummy

Net Worth – 300,000. USD

Nationality- Nigerian

Why is she famous?

Blachchully’s video content on social networks is well-known. Her video content is usually uploaded to Tiktok. Most importantly, her leaked video was also uploaded to this platform.

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