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Balenciaga Child Scandal (Nov2022) What’s Balenciaga’s response?

What are Balenciaga’s child abuse photographs? Balenciaga’s ad campaign for child abuse has left celebrities disappointed. After watching the Balenciaga Child Scanal photography campaign, Celebs and People are stunned.

It is unacceptable and disrespectful that a larger company such as Balenciaga has been involved in child abuse, according to people from the United Kingdom and United States. These images went viral via social media platforms, where they were disguised as spring 23rd campaign. To learn more about the controversy and its realities, please read the entire article.

Balenciaga controversy

Balenciaga’s spring campaign brought about a shocking event. The campaign photo features a child holding a toy bear. The most disgusting thing about the photo shoot is the fact that the teddy bears were wearing BDSM gear. This sends a bad message about child abuse, and it shares a poor image on social media.

Photographer is also being criticized by people.he supports taking this type of photo for marketing purposes. Two pictures were shared by the company, one of a child holding a teddy bear and another of a woman. Balenciaga promotes its current design but should remind people that it cannot involve toddlers in inappropriate content. Maine celebrities also shared this photoshoot on Twitter, and other social media handles.


People and companies discovered this offensive content on social media. They filed a lawsuit against the campaign. The court ruled that this was virtual child abuse. Balenciaga must submit the court document to the court as soon as possible.

The campaign’s other image features a woman but it also contains a reflection of unrelated photos of a child. Celebrity Lila Rose also tweeted about her disgusting Balenciaga act. She also mentions that it’s a criminal offense towards children. Kim Kardashian was also tagged to speak out on the matter.

What’s Balenciaga’s response?

The owner was shocked to learn about the Pictures and condemned the inappropriate act. He also posted a social media apology message. He agreed with others that the picture contained disturbing content for children. He stated that he did not know this photo was part of the 23rd spring campaign.

He also promised that there would be strict actions regarding this campaign. All images from this campaign will be removed immediately. We will also remove all videos from all platforms.

He also stated that the company stands for children’s safety & well-being in another story. The company will pursue the individuals who participated in this photoshoot.

Wrapping up

Balenciaga’s spring campaign 23 is embroiled in controversy. Inappropriate photos of a child holding a teddy bear dressed in BDSM costumes are included in the photoshoot.

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