Animated Videos for Online Black Friday Sales (Nov 2022) Animated Videos to Inform

This month is the one where you can smell black friday. Black Friday deals are available throughout November, with the D-day being November 26th. It’s a great idea to create animated videos about black Friday offers if you own a business or have something to sell to shoppers.

The analysis shows that black Friday deals are a hot topic and shoppers rush to grab them. Black Friday was the most popular day for shopping in America. In 2020, US shoppers spent $9 billion on different products and services.

Tradition is everywhere now, and that means more money to be spent, and more opportunities for you, as a business owner, to harness.

Let’s look at how animated videos can be used for the Black Friday online sales campaign.

Create Animation Videos Using the Best Web Video Creator

You must first create animated videos before you can use them. This is where you will need to find the best platform. Although there are many options, it is easy to use a web-based platform for creating animation videos.

Doratoon is an online animation maker that will help you create something for Black Friday. You can create your first animated video or any subsequent ones.

After you sign up, you can choose a template that is related to black friday and other online sales campaigns. You don’t have to make a video from scratch. However, it is possible.

Because you only need an account and an internet connection to reach web-based accounts, it is easy to access them. Doratoon will share with you the following once you have logged in to the dashboard.

Features of Doratoon

  • Many Free Templates Library

You can choose from thousands of templates to make animated videos for your business. To create an animated video that suits your business environment, you can use Doratoon. This allows you to choose how you want to present your black Friday offerings on the video.

  • Lots of animated characters

You can use many animated characters, objects and patterns in your video. These animated characters and patterns allow you to come up with creative ways to make your black Friday animated video appealing.

  • Subtitle Addition and Text-to-Speech conversion

Doratoon allows you to convert text into speech. You can convert text into speech if you don’t have voice-over recordings. Just type your text and choose the voice that you want to use. Subtitles can be added if you want your audience to understand your message.

You would like to add additional material to your animated video. Doratoon will help you import the files that you require. The same method can be used to convert PPT files about goods into videos.

You can add characters to your video. Doratoon allows you to do this by using the path-finding capabilities. The characters can be moved in straight lines, curved lines or in a circle.

  • Different Orientations

Before you start making the video, you can choose between portrait or landscape orientations. Depending on what you need and where you intend to post your animated videos, you can choose which orientation you prefer.

  • Directly Export in Multiple Formats

The animated videos can be exported in either MP4 or PPT formats. If you have a Facebook account or Twitter account, sharing the video on the platform is possible. You can also copy the video link to other platforms and paste it where you want the video.

Animated Videos to Inform

You now know how to create animation videos. There are many ways to spice up black Friday events. Inform people about your black Friday sales.

Animated videos can help you educate your customers before they even make the sale. Start by offering amazing discounts and introducing products.

This will ensure that your customers are eagerly awaiting the product they want. They will be rushing to your website and social media accounts by the time the sale begins, along with other places where you have posted the offers.

Hourly Offers

Animation videos are a great way to promote hourly deals. Businesses tend to offer discounts every Friday, as we are already in black Friday month. You can also use these opportunities to offer hourly deals when the prices are low.

Animation videos are quick and easy to create. You can also use them to create short videos that introduce offers you have at specific times of the day.

They can be used to promote the proposals even before they arrive.

New Products and Discounts

Black Friday deals on products and services at extremely low prices. However, the same product may not be attractive to all who are interested. It’s a smart idea to offer different products to keep them coming back.

Animation makers such as Doratoon are available to help you if you don’t have the time or patience to make a professional video. You can create a short video to introduce the Black Friday products.

No Shipping Charge

Black Friday deals are available just like any other business. This cream will offer free shipping or very low shipping costs. If they are given a free shipping label, more than 80% will shop at your website or store.

Animated videos are a great way to advertise your products by including information about the products that you wish to ship free.

You can get more favor by offering to buy the products for free. You can make sure that shipping costs are covered to offset the cost. You can also choose a courier company that is less expensive but still delivers on time.

Wrap up

Animation videos can be used during black Friday and D-day to reduce advertising costs while still delivering the message. These are great for advertising and entertaining.

An animation maker such as Doratoon makes it easy to create animated videos. You can create an account to get started with all the features during the 7-day trial. You can make animated videos about Black Friday using the many templates and guidelines provided.


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