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Amazon introduces air freight in India Find out more

Amazon introduces air

Amazon introduces air

Amazon announced Amazon Air in India Monday the launch of a new service offered from the giant of e-commerce Amazon. It will enhance its transportation system and enable faster deliveries of goods to Indian customers.

Quikjet Cargo Airlines Private Limited will make use of the entire capacity for cargo of an Boeing 737-880 to carry Amazon.

K. T. Rama Rao Minister of Telangana’s commerce and industries attended Quikjet’s ceremony of induction. In attendance were Amazon’s top management, including Akhil Saxena, Vice President of Customer Fulfilment (APAC LATAM & MEN) as well as WW Customer Service. Sarah Rhoads – Vice President Amazon Global Air in Hyderabad.

Amazon is the first Indian company to sign a partnership with an airline to provide an exclusive air cargo network. According to Amazon this is a proof of its dedication to the infrastructure of India’s transportation.

Quikjet will make use of this plane to deliver Amazon customers’ orders to key cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. Amazon Air in India is an indication of the company’s commitment to expand its capabilities to meet the needs of its customers and grow its network of transport to provide faster service.

Minister Rama Rao pointed out that Amazon was the first Indian online retailer to create an air cargo network that was dedicated to its customers. Amazon decided to choose Telangana and succeeded in launching Amazon Air in Europe and North America.

He also said that Amazon’s relationship with Hyderabad was strengthening. He pointed out that Hyderabad already hosts Amazon’s largest campus and that the AWS Data Centre has announced the possibility of investing 4.4 million dollars in 2030. Hyderabad is the home of Amazon’s largest fulfillment centre in Asia.

Rama Rao stated that Telangana offers a conducive environment for multi-modal connectivity and that Hyderabad has grown into a major distributor of e-commerce. The state has been working hard to enhance its air cargo infrastructure , and the state hopes that Amazon Air will help make Hyderabad an important hub for cargo. It also will create many more opportunities for employment.

Minister stated she believed that Hyderabad and Telangana were bright lights to invest. State has attracted 47 billion of investments in the last eight years. This doesn’t include the 2.6 billion dollars announced to the state last week to participants at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

“Amazon Air is arriving in India at an important moment in. We’ve made numerous positive decisions over the past few years to enhance our fulfillment, transportation, as well as logistics systems in India. Amazon Air’s investment is expected to improve the experience of delivery in India. Akhil Saxena said that Amazon Air’s debut will assist over 1.1 million vendors in India. This will enable growth for the ancillary industry like transportation and air travel.

Amazon Air was founded in 2016 in the United States. It is a cargo air network that includes greater than 110 airplanes plus more than 70 locations around the world.

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