Aidonia Wife Instagram (Dec2022) Who are King Khalif’s Parents?

Did you hear about Aidonia’s 9-year-old son’s death? What is the cause of Aidonia’s son’s death? After hearing the news that Aidonia’s son had died, worldwide were shocked to wake up on Sunday, December 4.

We understand why the couple didn’t post any photos to Instagram. Kimberly Megan Aidonia’s wife is very tight-lipped and grieves the loss of her son. We will give you all the details about Aidonia Wife Instagram.

Cause of death for King Khalif.

People wanted to find out the true reason for the death of the Child after learning about his passing. After a battle with brain cancer, he lost his life. He was in severe pain for a while and could not bear it. The child died.

Obituary of King Khalif, Passed Away and Funeral

People want to know how Khalif passed away. He died from brain cancer. The family has not yet provided any details about the funeral. The family has not provided any information about the funeral. However, the death report is 100% accurate.

Who are King Khalif’s Parents?

We will tell you about Khalif’s parents. King Khalif’s Father was Sheldon Lawrence, also known as Aidonia. Kimberly Meghan is his mother. They were married in 2016 and only had Khalif as their child.

Has King Khalif been married?

King Khalif, a nine year-old boy, lost his battle against brain cancer. Although the Child was suffering from the disease for a while, we don’t know when.


Take a look at Khalif’s Wiki

Full Name King Khalif Lawrence
Date of birth January 25, 2013,
Place of birth Unknown
Nationality Jamaican
Zodiac sign Unknown
Age 9 years old

A brief wiki about Aidonia’s wife Kimberly

Full Name Kimberly Megan
Age 41
Date of birth October 11, 1981
Nationality Jamaican
Zodiac sign Libra
Marital status Married

Aidonia Wife Biography

Kimberly is grieving the loss of her son Khalif. Kimberly has not posted any information on social media about her son. After marrying Aidonia of Danceball fame, she became famous. This was four years before they were married.

After marrying the star, she has over 80,000 Instagram followers.

Concerning her son, he was nine years old and was Sick for a long period. We have not yet found any biography.

What are Aidonia’s education and background?

We don’t have any information on her education at the moment, but will keep you posted as soon as we get it. Only now do we know that her son, who was battling brain Cancer, died on Sunday November 4, 2022.

Khalif was a young boy. We still need his education background.

King Khalif’s Date of Birth

Khalif was born January 25, 2013. Aidonia, Aidonia’s mother was 41-year-old and was born October 11, 1941. Except for King Khalif, she had no Children

Aidonia’s Widow, Net Worth

Kimberly is an Instagram celebrity; her net worth is about $ 1.5 million.

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