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Aidonia Son Cancer (Dec2022) Khalif’s DoB and DoD.

You can find complete information about King Khalif Lawrence’s death that is not available elsewhere. Learn more about King Khalif Lawrence’s Wikipedia and Aidonia Son Cancer.

Humans face many challenges in their quest to live happily. There is nothing worse than losing your children. We are sorry for the loss of Aidonia’s child King Khalif Lawrence.

We have collected extensive information about Khalif in this article to inform our Worldwide users about his life and death. Do you want to learn more about Khalif’s family? You can read the article about Aidonia Son Cancer.

Cause of Death of Aidonia’s Son:

Brain cancer was diagnosed in King Khalif Lawrence. Brain cancer is caused by abnormal growth of brain cells. This can lead to severe headaches, blurred vision and seizures as well as loss of balance. In some cases, brain cancer/tumor patients may not feel any symptoms. The treatment options include Craniotomy and Chemotherapy as well as Tomotherapy and Radiation therapy.

Despite the fact that brain cancer treatment is possible thanks to technological advances, there is a low success rate. Many patients who have had brain surgery experience paralysis. Sometimes, the brain tumors can return after treatment. Khalif died on Sunday, 4th of December 2022.

Funeral of King Khalif Lawrence:

His family will soon release the details of Khalif’s final rites.

Family of King Khalif Lawrence:

Khalif was the son of Sheldon Aitana Ricardo Lawrence, a musician, as well as Kimberly. According to Sheldon Aitana’s Biography, he was born into a well-off family. Khalif’s grandfather, an ex-soldier and his grandmother, a teacher, were both of the same family.

Khalif’s Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality:

Khalif was a US citizen and of Jamaican descent. Khalif was a Christian. Aidonia was born in Kingston (Jamaica). He is a Jamaican citizen. Aidonia was a Christian.

King Khalif Lawrence Wikipedia

Full Name King Khalif Lawrence
DoB 25th Janauary 2013,
DoD 4th December 2022
Age, Wiki Aidonia Son 9 years, 10 month, and 10 days
Hight (approx.) 3′ 6”
Weight (approx.) 18-22 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Skin color Black
Ethnicity Jamaican
Nationality Jamaica
Religion Christianity

Aidonia’s Biography and Early Life:

Aidonia heads Jag One Productions (JOP), which is a Jamaican music, reggae and dancehall producer. Since 2004, he has been actively involved. After being expelled from school, his father moved him to the USA and he worked for FedEx. Find out more about his wife.

Aidonia was a musician who started his career. The situation is understandable as Aidonia was caring for his son who had cancer. Aidonia didn’t reveal any details about Khalif’s childhood. Kimberly is the owner of, selling clothing and earrings.

Khalif’s DoB and DoD.

Khalif would’ve celebrated his 10th Birthday on 25 January 2023. He died during the festive season. He was nine years of age. He was nine years old when he died yesterday, 4/12/2022. Learn more about What Killed Aidonia Son.

Aidonia was born 6 April 1981. He is 41 years old.


Aidonia and Kimberly are saddened by the passing of Khalif. Khalif was the sole child of the couple and did not have siblings. Khalif was a beautiful, happy person. It is hard to believe that Khalif had suffered from cancer. He died in agony as tumors and brain cancer can cause unbearable pain. RIP Khalif.

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