A Week Away (Today Update) – the Story of The Movie?

Hello reader! Do you love fantasy and fun on the screen? Are you a fan of musical dramas? You are in the right place. Netflix is the new binge-watching platform. With so many movies and shows available on Netflix, we have today’s movie A Weekly Away for your enjoyment.

Are you wondering why this movie keeps popping up on the internet? We will help you solve it. This article covers all details about the movie A week Away, including release and reviews. We won’t disappoint you if you keep reading!

About The Movie – A Week Away

A week Away is an American musical drama film about a teenager who finds faith, friends and family in a Christian youth camp. Roman White directed the film, which premiered on Netflix in March 2021.

 The movie is a way to show that a little bit more love, friendship, and care during times of darkness can make a big difference in the lives of others. A week away feels fantasy-like with elements of real life. Let’s find out more about this movie!

Trailer for the Movie- A Week Away

Let’s take a look at the trailer for the movie A week Away before we continue with this article. To watch, click on the play button below.

“This is the greatest thing ever!” Wow! That was an incredible musical sneak peak. What do you think of the trailer?

Movie Release Date – One Week Away

 The film A Week Away was released on the 26th March 2021 by Netflix. It’s more of a Christian High School drama. The film also features songs by famous Christian artists with a modern twist. It beautifully combines music and friendship, as well as a sing-along experience.

One Week Away – Who Was On The Sets Of The Movie?

An amazing cast of actors makes the movie a Week Away. Below is the list of characters and cast members. Let’s take a look.


  • Bailee Madison stars in Avery.
  • Kevin Quinn is William Hawkins.
  • Jahbril cook stars as George.
  • Sherri Shepherd stars in Kristin.
  • Kat Conner Sterling stars Presley.
  • David Koechnerstars David.
  • Ian Tucker stars with Sean.
  • Ed Amatrudo stars Mark.
  • Adam Lower stars Charlie.
  • Josh Rasile is a Officer.
  • HutchGreene stars Timmy.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman is a Lifeguard (cameo) role.
  • Amy Grant stars in the role of Camp Counselor.

One Week Away – What is the Story of The Movie?

The film tells the story of a troubled teenager who attends summer camp for the first times in his life. He finds a friend and a father figure, the love of his life and a home.

Will Hawkins, the troubled teenager is here. He was troubled by a history of several crimes that he kept from the rest of the world. He probably did this because he had lost his parents very young. Will gets a chance at redemption in the movie. He is invited to join a summer camp to possibly avoid the juvenile and perhaps have the life-altering effects he desired. Let’s see what happens in a Week Away.

 The film a Week Away begins at the point when we see Will (Kevin Quinn), running from the police only to find himself in a situation where his juvenile court has to face. Kristin Shepherd, Will’s foster mother, decides to visit Ed Amatrudo (Officer Mark), who is taking care of Will’s case. Will is given the choice between juvenile detention or summer camp. He chooses the latter and a new journey begins.

 Will competes in the summer camp competitions with George (Jahbrill cook) and Avery(Bailee madisosn). But they become close friends and Avery is Will’s true love interest. Will leaves the camp after the truth about his life begins to emerge among campers. Avery follows Will in an attempt to bring him home, but fails.

Will ran from the campers and from the truth about his life. He struggles with the thoughts of what happened to his family. After a series such events, Will decides to return home to camp where he finds people who truly care for him.

One Week Away – Is the Movie Based on a True Story?

The movie a Week Away does not reflect any real events. It’s a completely fictional story. It can be said, however, that the movie is associated with real life in a way that leads viewers to believe that it is based upon true events.

One Week Away – Will There be a Sequel to The Movie?

 There have been no discussions between the producers and any potential sequel to the movie a Week Away. We don’t know if there is a sequel or if it would only be one part of the film.

One Week Away – What are the Reviews for The Movie?

Mixed reviews were received by the critics as well as the audience for the movie a Week Away. Average reviews were also reported by the review meter. The review section has been divided into audience and critics. Let’s see what they have to share about the movie A week Away.

A Week Away

Critics claim that the movie was predictable and a bit silly. Critics also feel that the movie is quite transparent, with young people from different races trying to navigate the world. However, it lacks originality.

 Critics also believe that the film is appropriate for its target audience but are unable to achieve the goals and leave the viewer feeling disappointed. Critics say the film is a fantasy that has a lot of laughs and dancing, but it’s not very interesting.

Responses from the Audience for The Movie- A Week Away

A large portion of the audience believes that the movie is remarkable for its music and the joy it brings to the world. They also found the movie to be inspiring and fun. They loved watching the actors do their best. Because of the musical tones, the audience was captivated by the movie and eager to see more.

 While the audience may feel that the plot is a bit too cheesy at times, it has enough charm to show people how to be happy, joyful, and resilient in the face of hardships. They also felt that the film told an important story and used the right mix of music.


What should you do if you haven’t yet seen the movie? Do you want to stream the movie or not? That was it for A week Away. We hope you found it useful. Please leave comments below to share your thoughts and views. We’d love to hear from your thoughts. Enjoy reading, until then!

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